Digital Business Cadets

Digital Business Cadets is a joint initiative of Small Business Australia and the Institute of Advanced Business connecting Digital Cadets with Business Hosts.

Digital Cadet – A cadet is a young person who has digital skills but no experience in business. The objective of the program is to upskill them and by providing a real-world experience while they will complete a Certificate III in Business. To do this, they will complete projects that are business-related.

Business Host – We match the cadet with a business host. The business host meets with the cadet and provides the business information they require to complete the project which is of digital benefit to the business.

The Approach

Digital Cadets complete an Australian Qualification in Business attend class through the Live Interactive Video Education (LiVE) platform while completing their courses work with a Business Host to digitise their businesses and teach the owners/managers (usually older Australians aged over 40) how to operate the digital tools. The Digital tools include websites, online video, online payments, online marketing and process tools etc.

The Need

Small Business Australia and MYOB research in late 2019 estimated that 50% of Australia’s 2 million businesses do not have a website or make use of the most important digital business tools. 

To complete their qualification, the Digital Cadets use the implemented projects as a significant component of their formal assessment to receive their qualification.

In some cases, the Business Host may be able to attract federal government traineeship funding if they employ the cadet and allow the cadet to complete their study and implement the projects through their first six months of employment. At present, funding for employers is between $1,500 and $4,000 for eligible employees who undertake a traineeship.

The Digital Cadets are coached and tutored by the trainers throughout their course.

For more information contact Small Business Australia.