Digital Business Cadets

Connecting Australia’s recently stood down/unemployed young workforce, which may top 1 million people with the 1 million Australian Small businesses and community organisations that need digital business skills and tools implemented.

The Approach

Newly unemployed Australians (most likely aged 20 to 35) complete a qualification (Certificate 3 4 or Diploma level) under the Australian Qualifications Framework. They attend class through the Live Interactive Video Education (LiVE) platform.

Young Australians, while completing their courses work alongside small businesses and community organisations to digitise their businesses and teach the owners/managers (usually older Australians aged over 40) how to operate the digital tools. The Digital tools include websites, online video, online payments, online marketing and process tools etc.

The Need

Small Business Australia and MYOB research in late 2019 estimated that 50% of Australia’s 2 million businesses do not have a web site or make use of the most important digital business tools. (Refer  and the 5 Step Small Business Survival Plan)

To complete their qualification, the Young Australians (our Digital Business Cadets) use the implemented projects as a significant component of their formal assessment to receive their qualification.

In some cases, the small business or community organisation may be able to attract federal government traineeship funding if they employ the cadet and allow the cadet to complete their study and implement the projects through their first six months of employment. At present, funding for employers is between $1,500 and $4,000 for eligible employees who undertake a traineeship.

Young Australians are coached and tutored by the trainers.

Australia cannot afford to let many small businesses fail while leaving many of its young people idle when they can build and apply skills of immediate value to the small business and community sectors.

For more information contact Small Business Australia.