To build a thriving small business sector that provides financial security for those working in small businesses, and continues to support vibrant local communities for all Australians.

To achieve this mission we will:

  • Represent the key issues affecting people in small business to decision-makers at all levels of government, and push for improved government efficiency and accountability

  • Advocate for policies that foster the growth and sustainability of Australian small businesses to benefit owners and team members

  • Create a supportive online space where small business people can congregate, communicate and collaborate to connect with and support each other

  • Celebrate the contribution made by people in small business to local communities and the broader economy

  • Act with respect at all times


We believe business owners and their team members are the heart of the Aussie economy and the driving force behind thriving local communities.

We believe competitive markets provide the best opportunity to create healthy, vibrant and sustainable local communities that form a vital component of the national economy and society.

We believe in a culture of enterprise, where creativity, initiative and learning through action are celebrated, and where profit through enterprise in a competitive market is not a dirty word.

We believe in the importance of a great life-long education system – one that develops growth mindsets and enterprise skills, and enables individuals to rapidly acquire the skills required to contribute effectively and productively as part of a team.

We believe in a fair and just taxation system. We expect that our taxes be used responsibly, that they are well invested, provide a reasonable return on investment to society, and that those responsible for how taxes are used are accountable for poor performance.

We believe that healthy businesses need healthy team members. We’re committed to helping governments and small business people develop strategies to tackle the underlying causes – not just the symptoms – of the prevalent physical and mental health issues affecting many Australians.

We believe in strength in numbers. Together, we are 5 million people. When we speak respectfully with a loud and consistent voice, our views will be heard and acted upon in the corridors of power.

The broad policy areas at the heart of the Small Business Australia mission include:


The small business sector needs:

  • Educated, skilled and healthy people
  • Efficient and effective government services including public transport, roads and other infrastructure services
  • Manageable costs of doing business and employing people
  • A taxation and legal system that supports small business
  • Transparency of government departments, and rapid application processing & decision-making
  • Efficient and effective private services

We need to speak with one loud and clear voice to ensure the needs of the small business sector are heard on these and other important issues. Small Business Australia conducts regular member research to uncover the key issues affecting you, so we can raise them with the powers that be.

Strength in numbers: the more people that join with us and contribute to our research, the louder our voice becomes, and the harder we will be to ignore. Members can help us grow by inviting other people in small business to join.

And due to our increased buying power, more members also means more members-only discounts and special offers.

We believe that education has a significant bearing on the success of small businesses – not just now, but also for the next generation of small business people.

We want budding small business owners to learn that small business success is possible with know-how, confidence and a can-do attitude – and that PROFIT is not a dirty word.

Young people can benefit from learning skills that will enable them to contribute as part of a team. And furthermore, in today’s ever-changing environment, we need to teach them how to embrace and thrive on change by being able to rapidly and effectively learn new skills.

We want practical languages, reading and writing, everyday mathematics, personal health and social skills taught. We also need to understand and eradicate the causes of bullying and other antisocial behaviour.

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