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Keep Well and Buy Local

We encourage all Australians to keep well and buy local to help support small businesses get back on their feet.

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Business Recovery and Resilience Mentoring program

This program available for Victorian small businesses to help navigate the economic challenges posed by restrictions to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our partner Bill Lang International is one of the providers of this program. You can request to be mentored by them today.

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Access the Buy Local resources and show your support for small businesses. Discover the strategies to make your business better. Tap into the discounts available.

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Business Advantage

$500 per year

Business Advantage

For small business owners who value advice and mentoring from coaches who understand you, your business goals and how to build your business.

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Coaching services

Are you looking for practical coaching to help your business?
Turbo charge your action plan with one of our coaching services below.

Attracting new customers


In today’s global marketplace, small businesses face competition like never before. You’re no longer just competing with local or even interstate businesses – often, you’ll be battling against global brands with limitless resources.

But with challenge comes opportunity: if you can tap into just a fraction of your total available market, you can truly take your business to the next level.

Your ‘Attracting New Customers’ coaching session will focus on marketing and sales strategies, actions and tools that you can use right now to get the attention of more prospects and convert them into customers.

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Keeping existing customers


First and foremost, you need to focus on keeping existing customers happy (especially those you most highly value) so they stay loyal and keep spending with you. It’s no use chasing new customers if you can’t retain the customers you already have.

Your ‘Keeping Existing Customers’ coaching session will provide practical and proven strategies, actions and tools across the sales, fulfilment and relationship management functions of your business. You can implement these insights straight away to keep current customers coming back and to increase purchase frequency and/or average sale size.

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Improving cashflow and finances


COVID-19 has only reinforced that cashflow is the lifeblood of a small business. Offering exceptional goods or service is no use if you can’t pay staff, rent or your other obligations.

Regardless of your industry or situation, there are financial fundamentals that will help you plan and manage your income and expenses to help you not just survive, but thrive.

Your ‘Improving cashflow and finances’ coaching session will focus on the sales and operational functions of your business to help you manage your incomings and outgoings, get paid sooner, plan ahead for significant outlays, and build up a cash buffer to protect you from unexpected events. You’ll get strategies, actions and tools that you can use right now to generate greater cashflow in the short and long term.

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Improving online strategy


Regardless of your product, service, industry or size, your business needs to have an online presence in the digital age. If potential customers can’t find, speak to or order from you in their preferred method, they’ll find someone who they can.

The good news? While it can feel overwhelming for busy business owners to develop an online presence, once you have a plan, some tools and a little education, it’s much easier (and cost-effective) than you think.

Your ‘Improving online strategy’ coaching session will provide practical strategies, actions and tools that you can use right now to help prospects find, engage and transact with you online.

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Traineeship Opportunities

Eligibility Check


Funding opportunity extended and uncapped


Up to $32,000 now available from the Federal Government to hire and train eligible employees

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