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Small Businesses
The heart and soul of local communities

Last year Australia had over 2.2 million small businesses providing work for over 5 million Australians. More importantly, these businesses were the heart and soul of their local community. They provided work experience for local school kids, after school work for teenagers and uni students, prizes for the local school raffles and sponsorship of the local sporting and youth clubs.

The land of droughts, flooding plains and bushfires delivered some of the most extreme weather we have seen in our recorded history. Then Covid-19 arrived.

As an economic recovery commences, many are asking what can we do, to get back what we loved about the lives we had and create something even better?

The future of our local communities and our very way of life is in the hands of every Australian.

The success in stopping the virus calls for ongoing personal discipline – keeping hands clean, keeping 2 arms of space between us.

What else is in our hands?

Well, it’s time to pick up the phone, go online or walk into your local small business and BUY.

The small businesses of Australia – from Melbourne to Mallacoota, from Perth to Penrith, from Ballarat to Brisbane – need your business now, tomorrow and the many months ahead.

Let’s rebuild the Australian way of life and Buy Local.

Director, Small Business Australia