Understanding the customer buying process

When we take the time to analyse what people do when they make a purchase, it reveals some typical steps in the buying process. Understanding these steps, and the process the customer goes through at each will help you market your product more effectively.

Download the resource at the bottom of this page to help work through the five steps of the buying process.

(The following resource has been generously supplied by our partner Your Business Network.)

The customer buying process is the method by which individuals search for, select, purchase, use and dispose of goods and services, in satisfaction of their needs and wants. Effectively, it’s a detailed look at what every customer does when they buy something.

The customer buying process is just a series of steps that customers make when making a purchase. The same steps exist for both personal and business buying decisions. The more complex the ‘buy’, the more steps or more in-depth the analysis may be. Some businesses have a set process, and some do not, just as some customers will buy on impulse, and some will not. Generally speaking, the more expensive the purchase, the more care a customer takes when in analysing the various steps in the process.

In this video, Bill Lang explains what the customer buying process is and how each stage factors into a purchase. Understanding what customers are doing when deciding to buy will help you market your product or service more effectively.

Through the five steps of the buying process, the customer:

  1. Recognises a need
  2. Seeks out information about how to meet that need
  3. Compares and evaluates a number of options
  4. Makes a decision and purchases the product or service
  5. Makes a post-purchase evaluation – was it the right product or service?

We have included the following resource for you to download and learn more about the customer buying process. The resource contains an activity to help you apply what you have learnt about the buying process to your business’s marketing, which will help you target your customers more effectively.

Downloadable Resource:

Customer Buying Process