Top 5 Government Grant Types For Australian Small Businesses

Each year the levels of government in Australia (Federal (Commonwealth), State and Local) in total provide over $40 Billion of grants and forms of financial support to the Australian Business Sector.

The three charts below offer a high-level estimate of the 2019 Business Grants from all three levels of government:
(At time of posting, the report data was correct. For updated data please refer to chart source: Grant Guru.)

Chart 1: Number and size of Business Grants

Chart 2: Number and Size of Total Business Grants by Industry sector

Grant type - General – Non-Industry Specific
General – Non-Industry Specific

Grants 922 | Value $30.4B

Grant type - Aeronautics


Grants 12   |   Value $346M

Grant type - Agriculture


Grants 218   |   Value $8.4B

Grant type - Automotive and Marine

Automotive and Marine

Grants 23   |   Value $3.1B

Grant type - Building, Construction and Engineering

Building, Construction and Engineering

Grants 77   |   Value $4B

Grant type - Defence


Grants 37   |   Value $1.6B

Grant type - Education


Grants 261   |   Value $6.7B

Grant type - Energy and Renewables

Energy and Renewables

Grants 91  |   Value $12.8B

Grant type - Finance and Business Services

Finance and Business Services

Grants 18   |   Value $693M

Grant type - Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Grants 78   |   Value $1.5B

Grant type - Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

Healthcare, Medical, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology

Grants 168 | Value $8.6B

Grant type - Information Technology and Communication (ICT)

Information Technology and Communication (ICT)

Grants 89 | Value $2.4B

Grant type - Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Grants 209 | Value $496.1M

Grant type - Mining


Grants 41 | Value $810.9M

Grant type - Textile, Clothing and Footwear

Textile, Clothing and Footwear

Grants 8 | Value $6.2M

Grant type - Tourism


Grants 100   |   Value $3B

Grant type - Other - Not listed

Other – Not Listed

Grants 36 | Value $1.8B

Chart 3: Number and Size of Total Business Grants by Business Activity

Grant type - General – Non-Industry Specific
General Operations

Grants 111 | Value $3.4B

Grant type - Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability
Grants 257 | Value $17.9B

Grant type - Export

Grants 87 | Value $1.9B

Grant type - Infrastructure-Equipment

Infrastructure / Equipment
Grants 382 | Value $29.3B

Grant type - Innovation and R&D

Innovation and R&D
Grants 441 | Value $25.6B

Grant type - Manufacturing

Grants 93 | Value $15.6B

Grant type - Marketing

Grants 364 | Value $5B

Grant type - Start-up-Establishment

Start-up / Establishment
Grants 219 | Value $3.2B

Grant type - Training-Employment

Training / Employment
Grants 482 | Value $15.2B

Grant type - Transport and Distribution

Transport and Distribution
Grants 60 | Value $17.2B

Grant type - Wholesale and Retail Trade

Wholesale and Retail Trade
Grants 18 | Value $211M

Research conducted by the Institute of Advanced Business Studies identified five core areas that Small Business Owners were looking at when it came to improving their businesses.

These five areas are:

  1. Innovation – creating new ideas, new products, services or approaches
  2. Getting new customers
  3. Upskilling the Business Owner in areas like marketing and sales, people management, financial management and technology use
  4. Upskilling Small Business Employees in areas including teamwork, the technology used in sales, service, and managing people
  5. Reducing the expenses of the business. Including high costs like energy, IT, rental and leasing costs, staffing costs and finance and insurance costs

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