Tips for developing a marketing strategy

A good marketing strategy enables a business to concentrate its limited resources on attracting customers effectively. It is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your business.

Download the resource and tool at the bottom of this page to help design your marketing strategy.

(The following resource has been generously supplied by our partner Your Businss Network.)

Great salespeople can only do their job if your business has customers. A marketing strategy allows your business to create marketing campaigns that deliver results, and are useful in making your business and product known.

In this video, Toyota’s Andrew Caie and Andrew Wynn discuss the importance of having a solid marketing strategy behind your business. They highlight the importance of:

  1. Creating clear objectives
  2. Understanding and evaluating marketing success
  3. Understanding the products that sell
  4. The importance of announcing a new product
  5. Creating a marketing strategy tailored to your customers

Use the following resource and tool to help design your marketing strategy.
Tip: rewatch the video several times as you complete the activities in the resource with your business in mind.

Downloadable Resource:

Developing a Marketing Strategy
6 Ms Promotional Strategy Tool