Learn the 9 core elements of an effective recruitment process

Recruiting new staff is a task that a lot of managers struggle to undertake successfully. It is often a time consuming and expensive endeavour and can add stress while the process is ongoing. Being aware of the steps involved in recruitment will mean that you and your team will be better prepared, and be able to move through each step efficiently.

(The following resource has been generously supplied by our partner Your Business Network.)

Recruiting new staff can be hard. It takes time for you to advertise, screen and interview candidates, induct the new staff member, and train them to an appropriate level. The entire process takes away from the time you have to complete other tasks and can have an impact on sales. But don’t be too worried! Understanding the recruitment process will not only help you prepare but also allow you to move through each step more efficiently.

In this video, Bill outlines and explains a set of logical steps that help to identify a successful and suitable new sales employee. 

The nine core elements are:

  1. Establish need
  2. Create a job description
  3. Shortlist applicants
  4. Interview candidates
  5. Check references
  6. Make the selection
  7. Make an offer of employment
  8. Finalise employment contract
  9. Update employment record keeping.

The video also contains a snippet of the recruitment process for Virgin Blue Airlines, which provides a real-world example of how companies filter their applicants to get the right employee.