Issues and Campaigns

The issues we tackle are determined by our members. From time to time we send members a 5 minute Small Business Survey to gauge your views on a range of topics so we can understand the major issues affecting the small business sector.

Topcis we will explore include:

Digital Business Cadets

With over 1 million unemployed young Australians and 1 million small businesses needing better digital capability we can solve 2 major problems fast

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Recycling is a hot topic across the country. Is it adequate in your council? What needs to be done to fix it?


Road congestion is crippling our economy and choking our quality of life. How can we strike the right balance so that customers can visit your premises without the threat of an exorbitant parking fine?

Government regulation

Has your industry been burnt by an Uber-style competitor that can operate outside the laws (which the rest of us have to abide by)?


Are there infrastructure projects that are crippling your business – or are crying out to be implemented? For example, how has the Metro train tunnel construction in Melbourne’s CBD, or the Tram project in Sydney, affected your business? Is this fair?

Schools and workplace training

What key mindsets and knowledge do you need from school/TAFE/Uni leavers and new employees in your business? How can vocational education be improved?

Do you have a small business issue you would like us to champion?

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Banish the BAS!

Small businesses are the biggest tax collection agency for the government. Many small businesses experience a range of BAS statement admin hassles and concerns. It’s time to Banish the BAS!