How to keep employees engaged

Keeping your employees engaged and motivated it a pivotal part of any successful business. It is not a set-and-forget activity but something you need to work on to maintain productivity.

(The following resource has been generously supplied by our partner Your Businss Network.)

Finding, training, and keeping the right people are essential considerations for every business. Even if your business is booming, staff might still be looking elsewhere for other work opportunities. Losing staff can be costly, as your business may become less productive while you hire and train new employees. By creating a friendly, enjoyable and encouraging work environment, you can decrease the chances of your workers feeling unappreciated and create a workplace people enjoy coming to every day. Not only will you avoid the costs associated with hiring, but you’ll also find that employees who value their work will contribute more to the business.

In this video, Virgin Australia’s (formerly Virgin Blue) co-founder and former CEO, Brett Godfrey, and head of human resources, Bruce Highfield, identify the principal elements and characteristics of creating a successful workplace. Thinking about what employees value at work led Virgin to:

  1. Create a fun working environment
  2. Remove the demarcation between different roles
  3. Allow for open communication between employees and senior management
  4. Encourage employees through genuine recognition from people they trust
  5. Maintain patterns and order in the workplace.

Have a pen and some paper ready, and take some notes while you watch the video. Imagine you’re an employee in your business – what would make you look forward to going to work? Have you tried getting feedback from your staff about what would make them more engaged?