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Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and the heart and soul of local communities. With over 2 million small businesses in Australia supporting the livelihood of more than 5 million people, the small business sector is a big deal.

Small Business Australia is a membership group created by small business people, for small business people. We advocate the interests of small business owners and team members to all levels of government and promote key issues in the media, so we clear the roadblocks and allow more small businesses to be successful.

We ask – We research our members to gather your views about the state of the sector and your ideas for overcoming any roadblocks holding you back. Then we push for positive change by sharing your views with the wider community.

We work – We ensure small business owners and team members have an effective voice at all levels of government, so we can improve small business sector conditions. We engage with big business to use our strength in numbers to get exclusive discounts and special offers for members.

We support – We provide tools, resources and online help to ensure our member small businesses can thrive. We coordinate a respectful online space where small business people can congregate, communicate and collaborate to help each other succeed.

Among the many benefits of joining together, your free membership enables you to have your say at all levels of government and gives you exclusive buying power benefits.

Be heard – Have your voice heard and get a direct say in government policies that affect the small business sector.

Advice and resources – Our Members Hub provides expert business advice, plus the latest small business incentives and grants available from federal and state governments.

Member benefits – Access exclusive member-only discounts and special offers, and connect with other members to explore win-win opportunities to support each other.

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Strength in numbers: the more people that join with us and contribute to our research, the louder our voice becomes, and the harder we will be to ignore. Members can help us grow by inviting other people in small business to join.

And due to our increased buying power, more members also means more members-only discounts and special offers.

We believe that education has a significant bearing on the success of small businesses – not just now, but also for the next generation of small business people.

We want budding small business owners to learn that small business success is possible with know-how, confidence and a can-do attitude – and that PROFIT is not a dirty word.

Young people can benefit from learning skills that will enable them to contribute as part of a team. And furthermore, in today’s ever-changing environment, we need to teach them how to embrace and thrive on change by being able to rapidly and effectively learn new skills.

We want practical languages, reading and writing, everyday mathematics, personal health and social skills taught. We also need to understand and eradicate the causes of bullying and other antisocial behaviour.

The small business sector needs:

  • Educated, skilled and healthy people
  • Efficient and effective government services including public transport, roads and other infrastructure services
  • Manageable costs of doing business and employing people
  • Taxation and legal system that supports small business
  • Transparency of government departments, and rapid application processing & decision-making
  • Efficient and effective private services

We need to speak with one loud and clear voice to ensure the needs of the small business sector are heard on these and other important issues. Small Business Australia conducts regular member research to uncover the key issues affecting you, so we can raise them with the powers that be.

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