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Government funding for upskilling employees

Government fund for upskilling employees Grant Types #4: Upskilling small business employees Nationally one of the largest sources of financial support for small businesses in financial assistance to train employees. These are known as Traineeships (non trade jobs) and Apprenticeships (trades jobs). Traineeships and Apprenticeships are formal agreements between the employer and the employee that enables the employees to be trained and qualified in the skills required to [...]

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Government fund for upskilling business owners

Government fund for upskilling business owners Grant Types #3: Upskilling business owners Most small business owners find traditional training for learning new knowledge and skills time consuming and depending on the trainer sometimes too theoretical for the practical needs of a small business. This is where targeted coaching can be a great value. For eligible small businesses, the Entrepreneurs program’s stream called the Business Growth Services is an [...]

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Government funds for tapping into the overseas market

Government funds for tapping into the overseas market Grant Types #2: Getting new customers Local, national and international - Digital business (especially marketing and sales) and exporting. With any Australian business with internet access now having access to customers in other countries, a significant grant area is getting direct financial assistance with developing an export market. Called the Export Market Development Grant, or EMDG. It offers a 50 [...]

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Coronavirus information and support for small businesses

Coronavirus information and support for small businesses The following information has been collated from various Australian government sources. Direct links to the original source are provided for additional information. (Information updated on 23rd March 2020) Information included on this page: Statements from the Prime Minister Guidance from the Federal Government Guidance from the Federal Health Department Banks Relief Package Cash Flow Apprentices and Trainees Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO) [...]

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Boost your business with a government innovation fund

Boost your business with a government innovation fund Grant Types #1: Innovation - new ideas, new products, services or approaches Australian inventions are helping to power businesses and improve the lives of everyday Australians. Some of our most successful inventions are the result of a collaboration between Australian businesses and researchers from publicly-funded research organisations such as universities or the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). Businesses [...]

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Top 5 Government Grant Types for Australian Small Businesses

Top 5 Government Grant Types For Australian Small Businesses Each year the levels of government in Australia (Federal (Commonwealth), State and Local) in total provide over $40 Billion of grants and forms of financial support to the Australian Business Sector. Click here to download full report The three charts below offer a high-level estimate of the 2019 Business Grants from all three levels of [...]

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Bushfire Help and Support Information

Bushfire Relief Information For Small Businesses Government help and support The impact of the bushfire crisis has had a devastating effect on local communities, small businesses and their employees. To help businesses get the help and support they need we have summarised the following Government information to help share with family and friends who have been affected. (updated 3rd February 2020) For more detailed [...]

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