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Grant Types #1: Innovation – new ideas, new products, services or approaches

Australian inventions are helping to power businesses and improve the lives of everyday Australians.

Some of our most successful inventions are the result of a collaboration between Australian businesses and researchers from publicly-funded research organisations such as universities or the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Businesses that work with researchers on innovation are more likely to improve productivity than ones that don’t. Together businesses and researchers can solve problems and bring new goods and services to the market.

The government helps connect more of the brightest minds in research with businesses to ensure Australia has innovative solutions to support long-term economic growth.

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Many Australian Government initiatives help connect businesses wanting to innovate and researchers. These include:

Stimulating business investment in research and development through the Research and Development Tax Incentive. This incentive provides eligible businesses with a reduction in their business taxes based on qualified expenses use for research and development.

Providing advice and grants to boost business growth through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Innovation Connections.

Check if your business is in an industry sector that can support you in driving innovation and cultural change through sector-led Industry Growth Centres.

If your idea or innovation can benefit from international assistance, learn what help is available here to collaborate with international partners.

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